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Fetch And Process Frame work


Purpose :   Framework for application collects data and process them.  Where Collection of data might have more than one processing logics. 

Typical design frame work  of such an application is to keep data collection is independent of processing.

Let us imagine a frame work where Data Collection software component typically collects data and  send to processing hub which hosts processing component(s) in a queue. 

After reading a processing object from Queue processing hub  will typically do

1. Makes an instance of a processing component(s)

2. Create a thread and hand over processing object to processing component to process and store results.


Fetch Process is such a kind of frame work where

1.  Fetcher /data collection is independent from  processing

2. Developer needs to implement Fetcher interface , processor interface.

3. Using Configuration Developer can keep relation among fetcher and processers.

4. Same Fetcher component can run in many instances based on configuration. Same applicable for processor.


Typical Application :


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